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The project is a unique platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies in seconds, with absolutely no commissions

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The main purpose of the project Metrex Swap is the convenience of exchanging cryptocurrencies without any commissions. Every user who makes an exchange between cryptocurrency pairs will be able to get back 100% of the spent commission in the form of our native $MTX token. In addition, we are also building an ERC/TRC/BEP bridge for a more convenient exchange of cryptocurrencies within the platform.

Our team has long prioritized the development of secure and practical solutions in the cryptocurrency community. With successful startups under our belt, we came together to build a unique, modern and absolutely secure platform for easy exchange of various cryptocurrency pairs. The main goal of the Metrex project is absolute primacy in the DEX exchange network. Our service will definitely be able to compete with wireline projects in the exchange sector, and the absence of commissions will make it even more significant


Mission Statement

The mission of our Metrex project is to make the procedure of exchanging cryptocurrencies in cryptocurrency pairs and between blockchain networks as simple, secure and fast as possible. To this end, we have invested a lot of time and money in the development of a unique DEX exchange platform. Our goal is niche leadership and thousands of satisfied customers who trust and use our exchanger.

Presale / Airdrop Ends


Claim Airdrop - 50 MTX

Refer and Get 100% MTX and 40% BNB

Listing Price: 1 MTX = 1 USDT

Min buy 0.025 BNB (250 $MTX)

Max buy 5 BNB (50,000 $MTX)

Invite Link Required



We are committed to providing a safe environment for investors to grow their wealth and reach financial freedom.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and always seek to raise the bar and do better every day.


We value honesty above all else and promise to always do the right thing for our investors, our clients, and our partners, to achieve mutual success.


Metrex Swap will publish all relevant wallet addresses, including management team wallets, locked liquidity in a third party secured locker for 400 days, and communicate all major business decisions with the community


Metrex Swap has three primary utilities

1 - Cryptosurance

 2 - HODLvesting

3 - Coin Risk Rating (CRR)

1- Cryptosurance

Cryptosurance is the only insurance available to crypto investors to protect against scams and mismanaged projects. Our goal is to provide a safety net to all crypto investors by providing insurance for investors based on their purchased coverage amount. By being a holder of MTX token and purchasing additional $MTX every 30-days investors remain protected. We have designed our payment structure to encourage dollar-cost averaging and contribute to Metrex Swap token’s price stability. Unlike other insurance your money goes back into your own wallet as additional $MTX and appreciates with the rest of your holdings.

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2- HODLvesting

BUSD rewards generated by the team wallet and a portion of all transactions are used to invest in real world assets and businesses, with 30% of profits going to the Moon-Shot feature, and the remaining 70% accumulating for the next investment. The purpose of this structure is to reward our holders by appreciating the value of the tokens, while simultaneously creating a foundational business structure modeled off Berkshire Hathaway’s conglomerate business structure.

3- Coin Risk Rating (CRR)

Metrex Swap will provide a running list of projects evaluated using our proprietary analysis. We will assign each project a risk value of “Low”, “Medium”, or “High”. We recommend everyone reference the list prior to making any crypto purchase.

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9% Tax

Token Name

Metrex Swap











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Project Development Expenses


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Phase 1

• Brainstorming of project concept
• Project development planning
• Identifying the areas of application, token usage and Tokenomics
• Prepare marketing strategy

Phase 2

• Initial White Paper release
• Begin contract development (V1)
• Deployment to Binance smart chain BEP 20
• Preliminary contract audit
• Marketing team finalized
• Start of marketing campaign
• Website Launch
• Build Community
• Finalize token contract
• Private Sale
• Fair Launch

Phase 3

• Complete KYC Audit
• Certik audit
• Coin Risk Rating Publication launch
• Cryptosurance launch
• Continue Marketing Campaign
• Apply to CMC and CoinGecko
• Listing on Safemoon Swap
• List on Ever Grow Coin wallet
• Listing on Centralized exchanges
• Hire/Onboard business investment team

Phase 4

• Purchase first business under the Metrex Swap conglomerate
• List on Ever Grow Exchange
• Depending on the progress of the project and any further initiatives the developers may
undertake, there may be additional project launches or business acquisition/expansion
added to the road map.


Sam ehner


James Derrick


Paul Aldridge


is a Marine Corps veteran, a former U.S. diplomat, and a real estate investor turned insurance advisor. He is the founder and CEO of two businesses and holds an MBA and a Master in Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland.

Paul Aldridge served 8-years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. Next, he worked as a contractor for the U.S. Department of State from 2014, becoming a Foreign Service Officer in 2017. While in the Foreign Service, he served a tour at U.S. Embassy Rangoon and another in Washington, D.

Paul Aldridge is an avid learner and continues to hone new skills. When he isn’t learning, Paul Aldridge loves spending time with his family and traveling to new and exciting places.

James is a self-made businessman and a talented software developer. Shield Coin is grateful for the years of experience and expertise he brings to the team.

James Derrick


Héctor Gutiérrez

Chief Operations Officer

Héctor Gutiérrez was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Héctor Gutiérrez is a service-disabled veteran of the United States Army. Ms. Thompson served in the Army’s 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) and was stationed in Kitzingen, Germany. After Héctor Gutiérrez’s tour, she acquired a construction company not quite a year old. Héctor Gutiérrez’s company currently constructs and renovates construction projects for the Federal Government, primarily, construction projects for the Department of Veterans Affairs locally in Northeast Ohio.

In addition to running her own business, Héctor Gutiérrez is a mom of 6, a wife, an avid tennis player, a self-help bookworm, and over the last year and a half has become a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Héctor Gutiérrez considers herself a practicing cryptocurrency enthusiast and advocate because she believes this space is so new and everchanging that one can only keep up with continued education in this space,

awnte has found her passion to not only be cryptocurrency, but educating and helping crypto investors to protect their investments. Héctor Gutiérrez has a personal mission of helping others paired with her Army core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage


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